Monday night the Superior Town Trustees will vote to determine the future direction of Boulder Valley Ice including Lunch League. If our trustees pass the Superior Town Center Project with at least 5 of 7 votes this Monday, Lunch League (and all other leagues at Boulder Valley Ice) will finally be able to grow and accommodate all those waiting to play. Please help us, especially if you live in Superior!

FIRST: Email the trustees at and express your enthusiasm and support for the project. It does not need to be elaborate, just short and sweet. There’s a longer example letter below to give you some ideas. We need all emails sent before 12noon on Monday.

SECOND: Please attend the Superior Town Trustee meeting this Monday @ 6:00 pm. The meeting is at the Superior Town Hall located at 124 E Coal Creek Drive in Superior (here). You should try and arrive early. We are planning to be there at 5:45. You can also pickup a t-shirt at the rink to wear and show your town center project support at the meeting!

The opportunity to influence the construction of a new ice facility is quite rare. The time is right now. Please stand with us to show strong support for this very important project. This is OUR time! You don’t have to live in Superior to take part and make your voice heard.

Kind regards,

Lunch League Administration
Bob Wyman & Michael Poston

Letter from Boulder Hockey Club President (and Lunch Leaguer), John Sales:

Trustees – Town of Superior

Thank you for all your hard work – and making sure the Superior Town Center will be the best it can be for our special community. My name is John Sales and my family and I reside at 1305 S. Pitkin Avenue. We have lived in Superior for 12 years. I am the current president of the Boulder Hockey Club and BVIce Hockey Foundation.
Over 10 years ago, the Boulder Valley Hockey Foundation and the town of Superior began a great relationship to support the growth of youth hockey and other skating programs in our community. Thanks to the town’s support, the Boulder Hockey Club has been able to expand our youth and adult hockey programs and build one of the top youth hockey programs in the state of Colorado.
Thanks to the many donations, loans from community members, and George Menkick (the land owner), we built a temporary structure that changed the lives of many. We leased this land from George Menkick- and now the Town, we pay property taxes, pay utility bills, and proudly represent Superior, Boulder Valley, and the Bison on our chest.
We are very proud of our hockey directors, coaches, employees, volunteers, board, and, most of all, the kids that walk through our doors every day. As a board, we are also proud to say that we paid back all our generous lenders – some taking less than they lent so we could continue to be financially sound. To them, we owe a great deal.
But here we are again. We need to expand. Earlier in the year, we ran a Groupon incentive for “learn to skate” and/or “learn to play hockey” and we had 650 registrations within a few weeks. Our adult league is at capacity, has a four year waiting list, and we had to turn families away in recent years because our teams were full.
The Town of Superior’s economic advisor- a few weeks ago -listed the main conditions essential for retail to succeed:
  • Residences/residential units – more sensible density.
  • Fluidity, parking (which, according to her, Ranch Capital has done an excellent job on with their proposed plan)- as we all no structured parking is not cheap.
  • And a STRONG anchor – one like BVICE/Cornerstone/IMPACT that brings consistent activity.
We are honored to be the anchor for the New Superior Town Center. We have a committed investment group and have designed a state of the art private facility that will continue to make Superior proud. As an anchor, we have already helped attract two incredibly respected groups: Cornerstone Orthopedics and Impact Sports. We have also attracted the Rocky Mountain Rough Riders AAA program, Lady Rough Riders, etc. In conjunction with them, this campus will provide more than just 2 ½ ice rinks; it will have a large turf field for soccer and lacrosse, Impact will have a basketball court, volleyball courts, batting cages, and a weight room. It will be one of the finest sports facilities in the country. It will also have a community room for Superior residents, a restaurant, a pro shop, Splash Zone, and other amenities. Cornerstone will have a surgery center, urgent care, etc.
Our new facility will be designed to host national tournaments that will bring in serious revenues to our community.
According to our developer, Luke Taylor, our new facility will generate approximately $25,000,000 in taxes and fees over the next 20 years.
The Cornerstone medical group and Impact Sports buildings on our campus will also be significant contributions of new tax revenue.
I know that some have questioned what BVICE brings to this community. I hope the examples above – prove the point that we bring many benefits to the Town of Superior.   But – what we are most proud of — is what we bring to the KIDS. Our mission as a foundation and club is to make a positive difference in kids’ lives and promote constructive life lessons that help shape the future of our youth.
As our community starts their own due diligence in this project – we have discovered that much of the earlier negative information about the Superior Town Center was misleading. I know this is not an easy process, but please take into account that the young families in our community are very busy and cannot always attend these long meetings. One of the most important meetings I wished everyone could have attended was the finance hearing hosted by Paul Niles, our finance manager. He was fantastic, incredibly smart, and patient. He squashed many rumors and misinformation at that meeting. This meeting along with other honest lines of communication has swept through our community and the optimism for our new town center has only just begun. One example: Paul said – ” there is NO way that current Superior property owners will ever be liable for any of the new bond financing related to the new town center infrastructure.” You have a great staff; you have a developer in Ranch Capital who has been willing to slow down and make changes as requested. Ranch Capital has been very respectful and supportive of our needs and we look forward to working with them for years to come.
When someone asks where you are from and you say SUPERIOR, what do they say?……
Well, today I bet they say “Where is Superior?”.
TOMORROW, With our New Town Center, New Fields and NEW State of the Art- Private Sports FACILITY… they will all know where WE are from.
My family, Boulder Hockey Club, BVICE Foundation – supports this incredible new Superior Town Center development -and we support Ranch Capital.
Thanks again for all your hard work. Please vote YES on August 19th so we can start construction in October and begin skating in Superior on September 1st 2014.
John Sales – President – BHC and BVICE Hockey Foundation
Kate Sales – VP Superior Elementary PTA
Wyatt Sales
Blythe Sales
Sawyer Sales
1305 S Pitkin Avenue
Superior, CO
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