Night League

The BVAH Night League is a no-check, adult (18 years+) recreational ice hockey league. We welcome new players as Free-agents and try to find a home on an existing team. Teams are allowed to bring in Sub-players to fill openings from game to game, keeping games fun and fast paced.

The BVAH Night League offers two levels of game play: 1) competitive “B” League and 2) recreation “C”. All games are played in the evening between 8:00 p.m. and 11:45 p.m. Seasons begin in the Fall (20 game), Spring (10 game) and Summer (10 game).

Lunch League

The league is made up of five divisions. The level of play varies per division based primarily on player rank. For more information about player ranking, visit our player ranking page. Here are brief descriptions of each division and the player rank distributions for each.

Monday B Division

The Monday Division consists of B/C level skaters ranked 5-8.Charts-Mon

Tuesday B2 Division

The Tuesday Division consists of B/C level for skaters ranked 7-5.Charts-Wed

Wednesday C Division

The Wednesday Division consists of C/D level for skaters ranked up to 7.Charts-Wed

Thursday D Division

The Thursday Division consists of C/D level for skaters ranked up to 6.Charts-Wed

Friday A Division

The Friday Division consists of A/B level for skaters ranked 6 and above.Charts-Fri