Boulder Valley Adult Hocley - Fall Hockey

Lunch League Players,

The Fall season is right around the corner. Sign up early and save 10%!

If you are new to the League, haven’t been selected to a team before or are simply interested in subbing, help us understand what your interests are and how you compare with the other skaters in the community by filling out the information on our Rank Me page.

If you’ve been on a team before and want to get back in the action, click here to sign up and pay online. Just login and select “Sign Up For Fall 2013” in the left-hand navigation under Player Data. Click here for login help in case you have trouble. BVICE Members: Sign up faster by using the BVICE membership number from your BVICE key tag! If you prefer to pay in person, you can make your payment anytime at the Front Desk.

Here’s the division information for the summer season:

  • A-B Division (Fridays) –
    • Eligible Player Ranks: 7 – 10 (Returning level 6 players are welcome to play.)
    • 13 Game Season
    • $247/season for skaters (10% discount for signing up on or before 2013-09-06)
    • Games run 2013-09-13 through 2013-12-20
    • Championship: 2013-12-20
  • B-C Division (Mondays) –
    • Eligible Player Ranks: 6 – 8 (Returning level 5 players are welcome to play.)
    • 14 Game Season
    • $266/season for skaters (10% discount for signing up on or before 2013-09-02)
    • Games run 2013-09-09 through 2013-12-16
    • Playoffs: 2013-12-09 thru 2013-12-16
  • C-D Division (Wednesdays) –
    • Eligible Player Ranks (for division entry): 1-7
    • 14 Game Season
    • $266/season for skaters (10% discount for signing up on or before 2013-09-04)
    • Games run 2013-09-11 through 2013-12-18
    • Playoffs: 2013-12-11 thru 2013-12-18

If you were rostered in the Spring and played in more than half your scheduled games, you are assured of being drafted on a Fall team in the same division. ┬áNote that Summer play doesn’t have any bearing on playing status for Fall.

BVIce season pass holders also receive a 50% discount and goalies play for free.

Be sure to take advantage of the early sign up 10% discount.

Players trying to enter or re-enter a division after time off will receive a full refund if not drafted.

Questions? Please contact me by email at

Thank you,

Bob Wyman
LL Director

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